New on-demand addiction treatment clinic opens in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

published on February 27, 2017 by DTES Connections Clinic in Vancouver Coastal Health

Vancouver, BC – For some, the decision to stop the cycle of substance use needs to be acted on immediately, or the opportunity is lost. Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is opening a new clinic to catch people in that moment so they can walk in off the street, start treatment, and turn their lives around.

“Addiction is not a moral choice. It’s not a matter of will power,” said Health Minister Terry Lake. “It’s a medical condition that requires evidence-based treatments and compassion. As part of Vancouver Coastal’s Second Generation Strategy to improve the quality of life for people in the Downtown Eastside, people coming to the DTES Connections clinic will find both.”

“The new DTES Connections clinic will offer door-to-dose in less than two hours,” says Dr. Ron Joe, Associate Medical Director, VCH-Vancouver Addiction Services. “That means anyone can walk in, no appointment required, and start their life-changing road to recovery right away.”

The walk-in clinic will offer opioid replacement therapy, including methadone and Suboxone, which have an 80 per cent success rate. Physicians and pharmacists will be on-hand to give clients opioid replacement therapy and medication for other conditions that are prevalent in this population, such as HIV and psychiatric illnesses.

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